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20th Century Silver
Crafts Council

This project posed simple design problems: to make the viewing of objects easy, to secure the objects, and to respond with an overall design to the curators concepts about 20th century silver.
The project focused on the form of the display cabinets and the spaces between them. The aim was to add to the sense of occasion and excitement found in these desirable objects.
The geometry of the display cabinets interlocked with the geometry of the gallery. A complex system of lines and points was an experiment to determine to what extent this abstract geometry could be experienced in reality.
The forms of the show-cases were developed in such a way to allow visitors to move freely around the exhibition, providing them with places to pause, or to quickly leave.
For each new period displayed, the widths of the cases increased in accordance with the number of objects selected by the curators.
When the cases become too wide for the objects to be viewed from only one side, they become transparent. The other side was than used as a part of the passage to the back gallery.
The cabinets were constructed form inert materials and enclosed with sheets of polycarbonate.

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1st day

  2nd day

  3rd day

  4th day

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©Zoka Zola 2004

Client: Linda Theophilus, Crafts Council UK
Curator: Dr. Hellen Clifford
Design: Zoka Zola
Structural Engineer: Techniker
Photos: Dennis Gilbert