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conceptual single family home

As one of 30 international firms we were comissioned to design a conceptual house for wallpaper Architects Directory 2010.

Scalene House sits on three columns, touching the ground with minimum impact. Nature can develop underneath and around it. The columns hold three beams that hold three slabs, leaving a triangular shaped courtyard between them. The same 3 columns continue to support the roof, freeing the envelope from structural purpose.

The courtyard allows all rooms to have double exposure to air, light and views and allows for a tree to grow in its center. The triangle surprisingly makes this 100m2 house more generous and easier to organize then the same size rectangular house might be.

The house sits on a slope, leaving space underneath to be used - for a shop, on open air fruit stand, an office, a carport, a workshop, storage, guest spaces, play-area, a space for rent, etc.

On the upper side of the slope the house connects to the ground with a large landing that can be a space to eat underneath the sky, to host guests or to offer meals to weary travelers.

The house thus — through the potential use of the underside of the house and the entry terrace — has the ability to facilitate income for its inhabitants and contribute to social and economical exchanges in its rural context.


Economy of structure, the building
has only three contact points with the ground.

diagram use

Micro-economy selling
meals, herbs, potery...

scalene house exterior

exterior view

scalene house interior
scalene ext 2   ext scalene house   scalene kitchen
view of landing, connecting scalene house to the ground view from level below with usable space underneath view of entrance and kitchen
Zoka Zola, Scalene House for wallpaper magazine, floor plan, economy of triangular structure

comercial space _ living level__scroll over text to see plans change



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Design: Zoka Zola
Agata Siemionov, Dorothea Schulz
Craig Vespa, Halvovson and Partners Engineers