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Open-Air Theater
RIBA Student Award

A vacant site is located next to an old public stairs connecting two historical centers of Zagreb. At present this site is a private garden of a building on the upper street.

 This project develops spaces used for a public stair, a theatre, a club house, a coffee shop and a restaurant. The entire space is at the same time public, semi-public or semi-private. Of interest is that the space is not zoned from public to private but that the understanding if it is public or almost private depends on how we use it in a particular moment.

 For example if today we hold a glass of martini in the theatre it is more private then when we experience this space when we had a coke in the coffee shop the other day. If we live on the upper street and walk to school every day down the private space we might experience this space as more private, than when a friend invited us to the club house that these stairs share

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two nuclei of zagreb town
site plan

link to more detailed drawings

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