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Urban design for
Marsham Street

The three government owned existing buildings on the site had limited flexibility, low ceiling heights and poor use of the urban space between the buildings; nevertheless, they were structurally sound. We proposed not to demolish the existing buildings, but to include them in the future development. We removed curtain walls from the existing buildings, replaced them with one that encloses all three buildings, and spanned space between the buildings with multilevel interconnected spaces. One aim was to expose public activities inside the buildings and make them visible. This would be a rare sight on London’s skyline.

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view of three existing buildings from Thames

open space at ground level


view of existing buildings from
a residential street


©Zoka Zola 2005

Design: Zoka Zola, Braca Gakovic
Structural Engineer: Techniker
MEP Engineer: Christopher Twin, Ove Arup and Partners