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nursing home
for 100 residents
Markusevec, Croatia


diagram main
Zoka Zola, nursing home, site plan

site plan
P = post office, C = church, H = health center, B = bus stop, K = kindergarten

The required new building is too massive for its location in the urban matrix of the little town lying on the slopes of the forested Medvednica mountain. To make the building's volume sit well on its site, the building's four corners are larger that 90 degrees in order for the building to appear smaller (a technique baroque architects used for fun).

 The main entrance is on the road level to encourage the residents to go out for walks or out to town. The entrance plaza and the porch are suitable for the residents to gather and watch the street life. The entrance porch is surrounded with services that are used by anyone, not only residents. This is contributing to the social life of the residents. The terrace above the entrance, next to dining room, is a space with a view of the street, landscape, and city center. Local vernacular buildings inspire the street front of the building and its use.

 The elevator, as the main means of access from one floor to the other, is located on a prominent and visible location inside the building; thus, arrival by the elevator is a stage like appearance. Stairs are located along the south wall of the courtyard. Like the elevator door they are places "to see and be seen".
The main dining room and the main living room are located on the same level as the interior courtyard. The other social spaces are located at different parts and on all floors of the building; thus, the residents have a choice where and with whom they want to socialize.

Zoka Zola, nursing home, view from west

view from west

Zoka Zola, nursing home
Zoka Zola, nursing home, courtyard building on a slope
Zoka Zola, nursing home, section through courtyard

section B link to two more sections

1 entrance porch
2 windbreak
3 doctors office
4 social worker
5 space for ironing
6 visitors reception
7 mini market
8 hairdresser and pedicure
9 administrator
10 administrative staff
11 kitchen
12 changing rooms and restrooms
13 storage
14 utilities
15 laundry
16 garbage
17 morgue
18 service elevator
19 dumb waiter
20 main elevator
21 parking spaces
22 ambulance access
23 service access
24 lot line

Zoka Zola, nursing home, basement floor plan
A - basement floor plan

Zoka Zola, nursing home, view from northwest

view from northwest

Zoka Zola, nursing home, view from center of Markusevec

view from center of Markusevec

1 courtyard
2 dining room
3 terrace
4 living room
5 windbreak for access to the garden
6 cleaning staff changing room
7 chapel or spiritual space
8 storage
9 kitchenette
10 little living room
11 work therapy
12 storage
13 service elevator
14 dumb elevator
15 main elevator
16 1 bed bedroom
17 2 bed bedroom
18 2 bed apartment
19 restrooms
20 lot line

zoka Zola, nursing home, courtyard floor plan
B - courtyard floor plan

Although the building is designed to be a "world" (a complex space) for people who are unable to go out of it, its circulation is simple in order to allow people with impaired memory or vision to navigate through the building.

Visitors are received in a space next to the doctor, social worker, and administrator. If the residents want to show their visitors the rest of the building and introduce them to their new friends, can they do it with
house pride?

Every bedroom has sunlight, interesting views, and a particular location inside the building. All bedrooms for intensive care are located on the same level to make the access of the medical staff to these bedrooms easier. On this same level there are other spaces that are used by all residents. The design intention is not to segregate the buildings according to the level of dependence of the residents.

The building is designed to support vitality and good mood of its inhabitants.

1 dining room
2 medical staff on call
3 storage for bathroom supplies
4 night potties
5 exit to the garden
6 lower level of east garden
7 main nurse
8 storage
9 benches
10 bathroom with hoist and water massage
11 medical supplies
12 medical staff
13 physical therapy
14 1-bed bedroom - intensive care
15 2-bed bedroom - intensive care
16 naptime room for residents in day care
17 lot line

Zoka Zola, nursing home, intensive care floor plan
C - intensive care floor plan

1 library and reading room
2 bridge to the top level of east garden
3 kitchenette
4 small living room
5 storage
6 roof terrace
7 1-bed bedroom
8 2-bed bedroom
9 2-bed apartment
10 naptime room for residents in day care
11 lot line

Zoka Zola, nursing home, courtyard view and view to city and countryside

view inside courtyard

Zoka Zola, nursing home, top floor plan
D - top floor plan

Zoka Zola, nursing home, elevations

east - south - west - north elevations

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