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Mariano Azuela
Elementary School

registered for LEED for schools Gold certification
school for 900 students
Pre-Kindergarten to 8th Grade

Zoka Zola acted as architectural consultant and WBE (woman owned business enterprise) as part of the project team, designing and choosing exterior and interior finishes.

Fibonacci Sequence

The exterior brick pattern is based on the fibonacci number sequence. The pattern wraps around the school building with different starting points creating a continuous play that can be discovered and explored by the students and community.
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idea sketch for exterior brick pattern
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base and accent brick colors at the entrance

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exterior wall during construction

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south facade with light shelves and exterior shading
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close-up of fibonacci pattern with different starting points

brick pattern responds to the vertical segmentation of facade by windows

Interior Finishes and color scheme

All materials were chosen based on their environmental performance and to contribute to a higher LEED rating as well as to conform to the CPS standards for public schools.

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Face Brick

Vinyl Tile


Base Paint, Carpet Tile, Accent Paint

Mosaic Ceramic Tile, Recycled Tile, Ground Face Block
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color scheme in classrooms
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color scheme and fibonacci pattern in interior hallways



©Zoka Zola 2009

Client: Public Building Comission, Chicago
Architect of Record: Legat Architects
Architectural Consultant: Zoka Zola
Dorothea Schulz, Adi Kohn
Photos: John Clark