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New City Center for

Housing Competition - Europan 2’s theme was housing as an urban generator.
Zagreb’s 5th Urban Generator

The Site at Sava River and Its Importance
The site is an important location in Zagreb, and it is a subject for frequent architectural debates and architectural competitions. The site is at the crossing of the Sava River and at the Main Axis of Zagreb urban planing. This axis runs north south. It connects the main square at the base of Zagreb’s two medieval centers, runs through a green void within Zagreb’s 19th century urban blocks, crosses a CIAM style urban street, crosses the Save River at our site, and then continues into the New Zagreb, a city of mid-rise residential blocks.
While Zagreb continues to expand in all directions, Sava River remains an unplanned area.

A vast and dense structure is proposed around the riverbank with all the infrastructures on different levels, including a road, tram lines, and promenades. This structure dams the river and creates a recreation lake. Housing is built above this structure right at the edge of the river. Public buildings and streets of this new part of town are “plugged” into this structure. This structure becomes an urban generator for the adjacent sites and organizer for the vast areas of the city’s expansion. It is understood as an addition to the other three city centers, each adding to the organization of the city in its era.


 conceptual model of four historical centers of Zagreb and new fifth proposed center at the river Sava


section and perspective of building with infrastructure and dam

location of the main high rise structure

section of building

elevation of sun-facing wall of the main high rise structure which acts as a “transistor” collecting and transforming solar energy
This is our first project for active sustainable development.


©Zoka Zola 2004

Client: City of Zagreb
Design: Zoka Zola
Structural Engineer: Chris Mc Carthy
MEP Engineer: Guy Battle