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Center for Disabled People
+ manufacturing facilities

+ sports complex
+ rehabilitation center
+ administration
+accessible living
+ 2 underground garages
Zagreb, Croatia

site plan
diagrams - program

open spaceservice accessentrancescommunication

the main programs - manufacturing, sports complex, rehabilitation, administration and resedential services, frame a newly created urban space, that serves as place for encounters of users and visitors, that can be used for larger gatherings and open air cinema. entrances to the different programs are oriented to this space, as are corridors for internal ommunications, linking the program together.

added programs to enhance the public/urban space: theater, coffee shop, gallery space

basement first floor second floor third floor fourth floor

elevation west

view of public space with open air cinema elevation east - manufacturing

elevation east - street

elevation south - sports hall elevation north

cross section

long section

urban faces

view from south view from east
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Client: City of Rijeka
Design: Zoka Zola
Dorothea Schulz, Vuki Backonja, Kate Casey, Csilla V Gal, Fred Grier, Adi Kohn,