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Cafe Brera
Coffee shop and Bar
Canary Wharf

Brief and Location:
The clients wanted a Milan style café in the shopping mall at Canary Wharf. The "unit" has an existing timber shop front and a large bay window on its side. The shopping mall has an artificially lit controlled environment. Canary Wharf is located in London's East End and has been built in a style of classical North American downtown architecture and planning.

Café Brera has been the first café in London and has ever since been an extremely popular place.

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view from shopping mall

This Italian style café is designed as a reflection of its dislocation. It is a room with its identity, but the focus of the room has been shifted outside of it's occupied space, towards the light-filled slot running along the ceiling, above the counter to the back wall.

Throughout the day the artificial light changes from crystal white to warm white, ending in the evening with red and blue projected to the back walls; thus modifying the perception of the volume.
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detail of the back walls in the evening
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©Zoka Zola 2004

Client: Robert and Cathy Maguire
Design: Zoka Zola
Structural Engineer: Techniker
Photos: Alberto Piovano