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Passiflora House
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
invited competition

The Competition
We have been selected to participate in an international architectural competition for Zero Energy Housing, on six sites in the middle of Sentul Park in Kuala Lumpur. Eight designers were asked to submit two designs. From sixteen designs six designs were chosen to be constructed.

The project is envisaged as the first showcase of Sustainable Zero Energy Housing in the world. The competition brief called for houses that work in harmony with the environment, are made from renewable materials, create their own energy, and recycle water.

Beside requirements that the houses are zero energy, the competition called for innovative and extraordinary designs that contribute to the legacy of contemporary architecture.

Zoka Zola, Passiflora Zero Energy House, natural ventilation, building in nature, shaded spaces, large terrace view from Southeast
aerial view of Sentul West

link to Kuala Lumpur climate charts

Zoka Zola, Passiflora Zero Energy House, spacious terrace, shaded spaces
view from terrace to living area and bedrooms

Zoka Zola, Passiflora Zero Energy House, flowering plant wall
view of terrace and living area

This house offers spacious living, with a large terrace that is shaded by a flowering plant wall. Inhabitants can enjoy a close relationship to the lush natural environment and exceptional location.
Building orientation and effective shading by moveable louvers increase natural ventilation and thermal comfort. The building sits on columns to touch the ground lightly and let nature develop around it.

Zoka Zola, Passiflora Zero Energy House, ground floor plan, building on stiltsZoka Zola, Passiflora Zero Energy House, floor plan, large terrace, independently controlled climate zones

floor plan upper level

Passiflora foetida  

Plant Wall
There are over 2000 flowering climbers native to Malaysia. .

Our design introduces a plant wall of tropical flowering climbers to shade the spacious terrace, while letting the air move through it.
Passiflora is one of the flowers that traps insects.

Zoka Zola, Passiflora Zero Energy House, flowering plant wall, elevation
NW elevation
Zoka Zola, Passiflora Zero Energy House, building in nature, flowering plant wall, access to water
view from opposite shore

Zoka Zola, Passiflora Zero Energy House, section, independently controlled climate zones, natural ventilation assisted natural ventilation, air conditioning
One of numerous scenarios of natural ventilation, assisted natural ventilation and air conditioning



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Design: Zoka Zola
Dorothea Schulz, Hilary Pinnington, Drew Johnson, Adi Kohn, Michelle Man-Ching Lo, Yool Hee Lim, Juan Ching-Ling, Helen Schneider
MEP consultant: IBC Engineering