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If the exchanges of goods and services will be fluid and spontaneous at all places and all times; if our trust and reputation will be easily available; if we and our products will move in driverless door to door vehicles; if we can easily gather according to our similarities of moods; if seeking employment will be a brisk action until our next activity; if staying with reputable locals will be our favorite mode of tourism; if our education will be receiving knowledge from each other; if we will earn a living by producing energy, urban farming, teaching others whatever skills we developed, repairing, tinkering, caring for other people, and gardening then all these radical changes combined will result in a future environments very different than the word we live now.


Database of 200+ emergent technologies and scientific discoveries

Potential applications of 40 emergent technologies.

48 ft long panorama of Chicago illustrating many different technologies used in the city with a focus on seamless door-to-door transportation, urban agriculture, energy poduction as new currency .

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final review Fall semester 2013

Our design method is two-fold: we first research the latest technologies and get input from various fields, and then we develop coherent impactful, exciting, believable, game-changing possible scenarios. Finally, we distribute and communicate these visions to ignite people’s motivation to work towards desirable outcomes.

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This work was done as part of the Fall
Semestre 2013 Cloud Studio
“Chicago:City of New Technology”

Professors: Zoka Zola/Dorothea Schulz

Sudents: Rachael Frank, Maryana
Heilman, Bjorn Ingridsson, Shannon
Jones, Eung Joo lee, Henry Mallorca,
Pereda, Faisal Syed Basalat Ali, Mathew
Witham, Jae Yoo

Collaborator: Eloi Ruana Girones

IIT Architecture Chicago
Undergraduate and Graduate