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Materials considered:
  1) Dukane Precast concrete "Double Wall" system
  2) re-used brick from neihboring projects that are going to be demolished
  3) wood or steel structure with transparent polycarbonate cladding and cotton insulation

Chosen construction system:
  Dukane Precast concrete system


The building's structure and walls will be a "Double-Wall" precast concrete system. This unique product has multiple advantages. The system consists of a 10-inch composition of concrete (2.5" on each side) and embedded steel trusses in foam insulation (5 inches).
The concrete will act as a thermal mass for the interior of the building.
Each inch of insulation provides an R-value of seven. Therefore, this 10-inch panel will give us an R-35 that is almost three times the required value of R-13.
Connections between precast panels are insulated and grouted, providing an exceptionally airtight construction.
The system's high insulating and sealed value will contribute to cutting heating and cooling cost.
The structure was given a Home Energy Rating of 91.6 out of a possible 100, qualifying it for the U.S. EPA Energy Star Home label.
Radiant heating lines will be installed in the floor panels and radiant cooling lines in the ceiling panels.
This technology provides finished surfaces on all sides (exterior and interior walls, floors and ceilings). These surfaces are as smooth as drywall. The exterior surfaces are durable for ivy growing.
Floor and wall panels are dispatched from the Dukane Precast plant that is 45 miles from the site.

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